Flat Out is actually a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy solution for ladies 18+

Flat Out is actually a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy solution for ladies 18+

A State Help Assistance For Women Leaving Prison

Flat-out was a state-wide homelessness assistance and advocacy provider for women 18+ (with/without family), that have had touching the criminal fairness and/or imprisonment system in Victoria. Flat-out does not have casing.

Flat Out and its associate become dedicated to supporting the right, safety, involvement and empowerment ly children.

Flat Out was an unbiased, maybe not for earnings, society relying organisation which managed by and then for people.

Flat-out is committed to co-creating less dangerous rooms, nurturing service and self-determination for folks who identify as sistergirls, intersex, transgender and/or gender varied women. We all honor that identity is perfect for the specific individual to define, and work together to make sure that those that have these personal information include accorded regard and the means to access our personal help and advocacy, and offered continual chances to advise plans in regards to the junction of their identifications with ideas of criminalisation.

The Flat Out maintenance group (Board) embraces comeliness and equality with the crucial parts of governance, administration and control that are underpinned by a thorough number principles, strategies and techniques and designate authority.

Flat-out gets federal government financing throughout the section of health insurance and peoples providers (Victoria), the North Western Melbourne basic medical circle (Commonwealth), and draw finances from numerous methods to improve all of our capacity to offer creative and efficient work, advocacy and social changes. Administration investment is for the objective of giving individualised support and advocacy for females (with or without young children) to deal with homelessness, medication and alcohol treatment and several some other help and advocacy to address the root reasons behind criminalisation.

Independent financial support are brought up through donations, scholarships https://sugardaddylist.net/sugar-daddies-usa/in/michigan-city/ and grassroots fundraising the purposes of Flat Out’s social changes and systemic advocacy operate.

Flat Out will lead and participates in reports and area education, seeking to notify the greater society towards harms that happen for ladies from inside the violent fairness method. Flat-out works straight with women could encountered criminalisation and/or incarceration as well as improve the legal rights and issues of females in imprisonment. Flat-out functions to stop ladies from attending imprisonment, and keeping women away from jail once they are freed.

The theories and prices that underpin apartment Out’s operate posses remained continual since Flat Out’s creation (1988). Through society interest, training and study, Flat Out really works toward possessing sturdy sound through the prison abolition fluctuations in Australia and worldwide. Our very own plans is that sooner or later prisons could be regarded as ancient, vicious and inefficient institutions. Not just unlike the moves to abolish slavery; exercise to get rid of racism; the women’s liberation motion, along with activity to finish homelessness. Flat-out aims to get results along side different neighborhoods to finish all types of inequality and unfairness. We come across all of these techniques as adjoined.

We try to honour our very own responsibilities to women who tends to be criminalised, relatives and enthusiasts of Flat Out, the larger group and our funders.

Flat-out Principles

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people’s since the initial individuals of Queensland
  • The organization are owned by & for women
  • Using ladies who become criminalised
  • Supplying excellent support services & advocacy
  • Overall flexibility, equality & self-determination
  • Cultural fairness & financial chances for everybody
  • Everybody has the ability to turn safer, violence-free life
  • Becoming element of a motion to end criminalisation and imprisonment
  • Employing the greater society toward all of our dream

All Of Our Visualization

Ladies are certainly not criminalised or imprisoned

How can we are there

  • We will uphold Flat Out as an impartial, not for profits organisation.
  • We’re going to keep your mind engaged on on working with women that is criminalised.
  • We shall provide top notch woman-centred service and advocacy.
  • We’re going to help ladies to have suitable and economical lodging.
  • We shall supporting women in his or her trips to great health and health and wellbeing.
  • We are going to help ladies to reconnect with children and society.
  • We are going to make an effort to market good alternatives to criminalisation and imprisonment.
  • We shall contribute and contribute to effective societal and systemic changes.
  • We shall make use of the bigger community towards our personal plans.

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